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Brand Stategy

WORKSITE Brand Strategy Guideline

Originated in United States, WORKSITE specializes in manufacturing and sale of power tools, hand tools and small electrical equipments. Our mission is to provide superior quality, ergonomic, safe and affordable high performance products globally through international collaboration; and to provide one stop professional solution program to numerous medium small hardware dealers, creating a collaborative alliance and grow together.

We will continue to increase our core competitiveness -- high performance products and systematic service.

We advocate to be diligence, realistic, innovative and superlative.

Our goal is to make WORKSITE an internationally reknown brand in the DIY market.

Our staff is our most valuable asset and they will grow together with WORKSITE.

1. Product positioning:
Good Quality (MPP Level)
Affordable price

2. Customer positioning:
Small size import wholesaler (annual sale of  this category of product <2 million USD)
Small size self-owned supermarket (≤30)

3. Market:
First phase mainly focus on market of Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South American. Goods are provided with no more than two customers in each country and one in the same city area.
For market of Western Europe, North American and Australia, specific certificates are required, be considerate.
Developing and paying attention to requirements of products. 

4. Payment term:
For ALL WORKSITE products, customers are not provided with RMB Invoice and China Commodity Inspection List.
Definitions of inventory products: there are stock for both power tools and hand tools, but for the voltage, rate and plug of hand tools, need to be same as our stock.
Our plugs are European plugs,and in AC products, including device are 230V/50HZ. DC products are with voltage range of 110-230V/50-60HZ. CE/GS certificates are provided for mostly products.

A: No responsibility for customs clearance:
Goods are directly sent to Yiwu warehouse or appointed warehouse in domestic; immediate payment is required when goods arrive.
For inventory products, each style per carton, 10% down payment.
For non-inventory products, MOQ is required for each product, 20% down payment.

B. Take responsibility for customs clearance:
FOB NINGBO, 30% down payment, balance paid after approved inspection.
An order, MOQ is 1X20”
For inventory products; it's per style/carton.
For non-inventory products; need MOQ (1X20” /40”)for per product.

5. Product quality:
every part of each WORKSITE machine has been produced carefully and inspected strictly. The motors go through 100% automatic inspection. The products are all consistent and quality assured.

6. Quality warranty:
2 years warranty for hand tools.
One year warranty for power tools, 2% free spare parts (abnormal usage by customer not included)
Life warranty for spare parts provided at cost.

1 year product warranty:
our product warranty is suitable for home use and semi professions use, same as SKIL, RYOBI, BLACK&DECKER, and it's not suitable for professional use (such as BOSCH, MAKITA, etc)

7. Price superiority:
direct sale from factory, avoiding agency fee.

8. Advantages of becoming WORKSITE dealer:
-Speedy delivery --- the fastest one week.
-Super low MOQ --- as low as 5-10pcs
-High VI recognition; uniformed design, color, labels and packaging.

9. High value service:
we provide product store layout, display shelves, posters and VI guideline solution package for an order of 1x40' or above.

10. Long term partnership plan; exclusive dealers of a region (or country):
Official contract terms---loyal WORKSITE dealers who have local strength and development potential can file application, sign the exclusive dealer agreement based on mutual and voluntarily consent in order to become WORKSITE exclusive dealer after no less than 6 months of collaboration, commitment to the obligations of exclusive dealer and approved and qualified by our jury.

For those dealers who has certain strength and request exclusivity, we could provide verbal promise for privileged protection at the early stage of collaboration but no official agreement could be signed until above requirements are met.

Obligations of exclusive dealer: minimum annual sale and exclusivity among similar products. According to the size of the country or region, the minimum annual sale range from USD500,000 to USD2 millions. Exclusivity amount similar products does not include international brand such as BOSCG, MAKITA, etc.